Essaouira day trip from Marrakech

Essaouira day trip from Marrakech

On our Marrakech desert tours , you’ll be taken to explore the souks, and the historical monuments. You’ll also appreciate discovering local arts and crafts. Or, if you’re a sporty type of person, you’ll love jogging around Essaouira’s golden beach or playing soccer with the locals.

Those who are fond of exploring will surely love Essaouira. There are countless things to see, and numerous monuments that carry thousands of years worth of stories. Couples will also appreciate it’s romantic vibe. The beach will put you in a serene and joyful mood, and the restaurants’ terraces are just too romantic.

Another type of people that might enjoy Essaouira, maybe a tad more than couples and explorers – windsurfers.

For far more than 25 years, Essaouira has grown into the ultimate spot for windsurfing. From April, throughout October, the winds are ‘kind’ as they say – and to windsurfers that means the opposite. Powerful wind blowing forms waves that are perfect for everyone.

Waveriders and intermediate windsurfers adore Essaouira for this virtue. From May to September, beginners enroll in classes during, because the swell is less frequent, and flat area for learning is formed.

Oh, the food’s amazing in Essaouira. We should’ve started with that…

Traditional Moroccan cooking fused with a hint of Spanish and Portuguese. Your taste buds will definitely have an adventure in Essaouira. Even as Moroccans, we haven’t had enough of Essaouira’s cuisine. Fresh fish and tagines that’ll melt your heart.

Everyone, not matter their taste or preferences will adore Essaouira. It has a jubilant vibe, and it’ll make you feel nourished. You don’t even have to stay for a week to feel its essence, a simple Essaouira day trip from Marrakech will suffice.

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