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Why not learn more about ?

Important Information About Cannabis Usage and Its Effects on Hormones

People have used cannabis since time immemorial mostly for recreational purposes and because of its medicinal properties. Even so, the recent past has had scholars take cannabis under serious research and scrutiny to help set the record straight on its efficacy and effect in the human body. One study that has gotten a lot of attention is about the use of cannabis and its effect on hormones in the human body. Of course, delving deeper into these studies may prove to be a daunting and time-consuming task. Keep reading here to know more about what has already been discovered about cannabis usage.

First and foremost, most studies link THC, the psychoactive compound of cannabinoids to the fact that it integrates and exchanges signals with the endocannabinoid system in the body. Further, the THC undergoes configuration hence is safe to say it is a calming counteraction of cannabidiol. This then spreads the CBD intricately through body and brain function to all glands and organs.

Further, there are different strains of cannabis with each having its effect on the human body and brain thus reflecting the ratio of CBD and THC present. Important to keep in mind also is the fact that their effect will differ based on the methods one use to consume the cannabis. Another thing to note is that its effect on the human body also depends on the gender, age, weight, and metabolism and body type of the consumer. In a nutshell, the mechanics of action is what determines cannabinoids effects on the hormonal levels in human beings.

After so many studies and researches, there is enough evidence pointing towards an effect on the sexual performance in both sexes. Read more here and discover more about the studies conducted and especially the consumption of cannabis and its cause of testosterone imbalance in men.

Generally, any reliable website dealing with cannabis should note the following effects of continuous cannabis usage. It is believed it can reduce prolactin, the hormone responsible for sexual satisfaction. It can also delay growth and puberty in boys by reducing the levels of testosterone. In girls, it tends to disrupt a regular menstrual regularly by affecting estrogen levels. Remember though, that most of the cannabis researches conducted are contradictory. It is important to mention that cannabis will affect people differently; hence you must start by assessing your health and personality. You can, however, bet that that occasional to modern consumption of cannabis shouldnt have any negative effects on your hormones.

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