Finding Parallels Between and Life

Finding Parallels Between and Life

Top Celebrities that Overcame Addiction

Approximately 600 billion dollars compensates for damages attributed to drug use. It is not unheard of to come across celebrities who are addicted to drugs. Although celebrities addicted to drugs are not uncommon, rarely do celebrities overcome substance abuse. Go on reading here to know of some celebrities who have successfully quit drug abuse.

Kelly Osbourne is one of the few celebrities who have successfully enrolled and prevailed in drug rehabilitation process.She visited recovery center for four times. In one of the relapses, she was admitted in a mental health care facility. On many occasions, she has been fighting with relapse temptations. Osbournes father and brother also completed their drug rehabilitation programs that enabled them to quit substance abuse. She was addicted even when her family had a reality TV show.

Elton John is a successful musician. However, Elton was addicted to drugs in the seventies when AIDs was a scary disease. He witnessed the lives of his friends getting ruined while others acquired the deadly disease. He opted to quit substance abuse and has been clean for over 30 years now. There are some people who claim that substance abuse improve musicians creativity. Nonetheless, Elton John has disapproved the claims to be unsubstantiated because he has made some of his most popular songs after quitting drugs.

For Ben Affleck, alcoholism was his little secret. Therefore, he ensured to enroll in a drug rehabilitation center the moment his alcoholism problem became apparent. In spite of quitting drugs being a difficult task, Affleck is a stunning example since he has since taken back the role of Batman and continues to fight off crime sober.

Robert Downey Jr. arrest when driving under the influence of heroin and cocaine was his rock bottom. His case was serious since the arresting officers also came across a loaded weapon in his vehicle. He further suffered a major drawback after he was found passed out on a the bed of a minor at his neighbors house. To some people, they claimed that Downey Jr.s career had self-destructed upon the days of his addiction. However, he successfully quit drugs and is now part of the Avengers.

Lindsay Lohan was a child prodigy as she had managed to make big money and fan base as a minor. Several child actors face multiple obstacles when growing up. The cash may not always guarantee a good lifestyle. By the way, many young people often take up to substance abuse with the money they earn. Lohan is now on her way to get clean.

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