Case Study: My Experience With Centers

Case Study: My Experience With Centers

Important Information about Facet Disease

What facet disease entails is a painful degeneration of the facet joints in the spine and it is also known as the facet syndrome. It is considered that facet disease is one of the leading contributions to spine pains. Below are some things you need to know about facet disease.

Some of the common symptoms associated with facet disease include bone spurs, decreased mobility and flexibility of the joints, headaches, stiffness, radiating pain in the body’s extremities and many more. The type of pain will depend on the location of the degenerated joint together with the extent of the injury.

There are many things that will contribute to facet disease and some may include a lack of exercise, poor posture, aging and normal wear and tear, obesity, genetics.

Another important consideration when it comes to facet disease at the types of the disease to enable you to be more informed on the individual health. What is commonly known as cervical facet disease is that the facet disease has affected the cervix and this leads to very painful experiences to the shoulders, upper back, neck and this skull. The degeneration of joint in the thoracic spine leads to another type of facet disease known as thoracic facet disease and this is a very uncommon type of facet disease. Many patients will go through facet disease at the ones who fall in the category of lumbar facet disease. This is mainly characterized by lower back pains and this easily spreads to the lower back of the body which bears much of the weight and the stress of the body causing it to spread more quickly than the thoracic and cervical facet disease.

Once you experience such symptoms it is important that you go for diagnosis. In order to run a full diagnostic test, it is required that an individual is able to undergo imaging using MRI, CT scan and x-rays on top of a thorough check on the medical history and clinical evaluation by a qualified medical practitioner. A facet injection is also vital in knowing the extent of the facet disease and whether it exists in an individual. The injection over numbing medicine to the facet joint will cause individuals with severe cases of facet disease to have immediate relief.

It requires that an individual to go through proper treatment of facet disease, they have to go through physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, massage therapy and on top of all these therapies, it is required that they take several injections, go through radiofrequency ablation, stretching and also bracing. The type of treatment majorly determined by the severity of the pain that an individual is going through and medical practitioners will go for conservative and nonsurgical options first.

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